Southside Elementary School

Southside is proud to be one of five elementary schools in Dinwiddie County. It is located at 10305 Boydton Plank Road, Dinwiddie, Virginia.

The doors of Southside opened to students and learning in September 1973. Southside, before that time, was located behind the old Southside High School (currently Historic Southside High School) in the annex building. The principal was Oscar Epps and the superintendent was Thomas Newsom. School board members were: Gilbert Martin (Chairman), Willie Lee Fields (Vice Chairman), Edward B. Titmus, Julian Stewart, and John Y. Richardson. When the new school was build, it carried its name, Southside Elementary, to the new site.

The school opened as a K-3 school with an enrollment of 583 students under the leadership of its first principal, Bernard Morgan. After a few years, the school experienced a lot of growth. Because of the growing number of its students, it was paired with Dinwiddie Elementary School, as a sister school. Southside became a K-2 school and Dinwiddie Elementary became a 3-5 school. The school remained a K-2 school until September 2002. At that time the county rezoned and Southside became a K-5 school.

Southside has had the leadership and support of 13 principals since its 1973 opening. Their order of service began with Bernard Morgan, followed by Ernest Wilkins, Charlie Taylor, Cornelia Roberts, Jane Cawthorn, George Rapp, Salley Kizler, Robert Bowden, Roberta Brown, Michelle Jones, Tamera Oliver, Chuck Moss, and Sheri Culbreath current principal.

Southside has had many accomplishments over the years to include: 16 years of SOL accreditation, six years of a Distinguished Title I School (2005, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012), recognized three years for Board of Education Excellence (2008, 2009, 2010), and recognized two years for Board of Education Competence to Excellence Award (2011, 2012).

Under the leadership of Sheri Culbreath, current principal, Southside continues to be committed to inspiring, motivating, and supporting a quality education for our students and work diligently to enhance learning opportunities that will ultimately improve student performance.