Building Bee Leaders (Student Tutors)

Building Bee Leaders is a group of 5th graders who stand with kindergarten students in the breakfast line.  While in line they use flashcards to review letters and sight words.  Kindergarten students are rewarded with smiles, stickers, fist bumps and high fives.

Green Team

The Green Team is a recycling program that empowers and educates students to help the environment through recycling. Students, Faculty, and Staff work together to help the environment by promoting waste reduction and recycling in and around our school and  community.

Library Helpers

The Library Helpers Club assists the librarian with tasks in the library. Library tasks include shelving books, checking in books   and checking out books via our automated circulation system. Library helpers also assist with small projects and activities as needed in the library.

Safety Patrol

5th grade students take part in AAA Safety Patrol Program.  The patrol program is brand new at Southside and these students are excited to start working to keep their peers safe in and around school.


The Southside Elementary Student Council Association (SCA) is an after-school club that meets once a month. Grades 3-5 participate as members and the officers are chosen from fifth grade. The SCA’s objective is to teach our students a little bit about parliamentary law and how our government goes about discussing issues in order to apply appropriate laws that fit the situation in a fair and upstanding way. On our school level, we use this concept to implement our main focus which is “Giving Back To Our Community.” The SCA participates in activities such as “The Giving Tree” project in which we collect food items and provide 15-20 holiday meals for those in our community who need a helping hand. The SCA also supports our local rehab center, providing much needed toiletries for each resident. We also make monetary donations to families in our district as the need arises to help cover medical/ recovery expenses in cases of house fires, car wrecks etc. Guest speakers are also invited to speak on various topics that will help our students become better role models/leaders for our student body.