Dear Southside Elementary Parents and Guardians,

Southside Elementary is in its third year as a School-wide Title I school. As a School-wide Title I school, we receive additional resources, programs, staffing, and training to benefit all students. Having School-wide status helps us provide high quality reading instruction for all students to generate high levels of academic achievement. This means any student who could benefit from additional assistance using Title I resources will receive the support needed.

Ms. Donna Moring and Mrs. Connie Brisendine are Southside’s Title I Reading Interventionists who, along with the reading specialist, coordinate the school’s comprehensive literacy program. Ms. Moring has been an elementary educator for 27 years serving the last two as a Title I Reading Interventionist. Mrs. Brisendine has dedicated 30 years to the teaching profession and worked for 16 years as a Title I Reading Interventionist. They both meet the ‘highly qualified’ status with Master’s Degrees Endorsed in Administration and Curriculum Supervision and Reading Specialist. Southside is also fortunate to have additional assistance provided by Mrs. Laura Pemberton who is a paraprofessional and works with students in conjunction with the interventionists within the building. Last year, Southside benefited enormously with the addition of Ms. Rebecca Spengler who became Southside’s Reading Specialist. Ms. Spengler provides added tier 3 instruction in addition to Title 1 instruction for our most vulnerable learners.  Ms. Moring, Mrs. Brisendine, Mrs. Pemberton and Ms. Spengler are all extremely passionate about reading, dedicated not only to preparing their students for the rigorous state standards, but also in nurturing confident, lifelong readers.

Parents are an integral part of Southside’s Title I Reading program . We encourage involvement from all families.  Your child should read to you, a sibling, a friend or even a stuffed animal  15 minutes each evening. Practice does make better readers! We also recommend reading to your child (yes, even to those 4th and 5th graders)! Reading to your child is a great way to expand vocabulary, model good reading, and work on comprehension skills! 

We are always available to answer questions and offer suggestions. Parental input at Southside is greatly appreciated too. Check out Southside’s website for an open invitation to join Ms. Moring and Ms. Spengler for a virtual Zoom meeting at the end of the month, How Can Southside Support You?

Working together we can promote a love for reading in our children!

Title I Team: Ms. Moring, Ms. Spengler, Ms. Pemberton, Ms. Brisendine

Donna Moring (                          Rebecca Spengler(

Laura Pemberton (             Connie Brisendine (